Producţie grafică. Strategie publicitară

 concepţie şi realizare de broşuri şi alte materiale promoţionale
 design carţi de vizită
 albume foto profesionale
 identitate vizuală corporate, DTP
 Branding & Identitate vizuală
 publicitate TV, Radio şi tipărită
 planificare şi realizare de servicii creative de dezvoltare publicitară
 creare logo-uri, sigle şi bannere
 fotografii publicitare şi clipuri video de prezentare
 promoţii publicitare
• planning and advertising strategy
• advertising campaigns and promotions
• developing creative advertising services
• visual branding & corporate identity
• rebranding and repositioning campaign
• commercial communication strategies
• corporate communication strategies
• TV, radio and print advertising
• publicity photos & promotional video

We edit and  make professional photo albums.
We make professional photo shoot in the studio or elsewhere.
We offer you the opportunity to promote the image of the virtual panoramic photo - 360 X 180 degrees.
Media Art Studio offers services and products specially designed for each of you.
Media Art Studio

Considered by to be our most ambitious project,, is intended as a international tourism portal profile. For the beginning, the database will contain over 100 films from 10 different countries, 500 panoramic phots and a photo gallery with over 1000 photos. Beside tourist sights of very high concern, we intend to promote the image of the hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes and other targets having tourism potential. The portal aims to achive a comprehensive database that provides basic information to potential tourists about possible tourist destinations, but also wants to give every Internet user the possibility of virtual travel.
By monthly selection, you can receive a free photo shoot, if you send us your contact details, accompanied by one or two representative photographs. For a month you can represent our company image, and, at the end of the year, you can agree that one of the photos taken by us to be part of a calendar that will appear in an edition of 1000 copies.
Photo albums


Panoramic photo 360 °

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